Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Back to College Organization Tips

The semester is about to start. The days of sleeping till ten and partying are over. Its back to reality, and for me, this means back to university. It's rough. You're riding the after holiday wave, you've got your new years resolution (hopefully) in swing, and you really enjoyed that time off. Here are some tips that will help you stay organised as you start your winter/spring semester of college.

1. Set up your agenda
Most of my profs send out the syllabus the week before the class starts. This means that I have all the critical dates for each course ahead of time. I usually like to put in the immigrant things like tests, midterms and projects. I leave out the individual readings. Instead of writing them in ahead of time I do it week to week. The reminder of writing my readings in makes it easier to remember to do them. A pro tip for staying on top of your planner is to use it for your life outside of school. Make sure to write down your social engagements and appointments. Only write them down in your planner. That way you will be forced to open it and look. You will also be ten times more likely to write in it.

2. Calendar Organization
I have a huge calendar. It sits on my desks and pans the month. The giant calendar is great for looking at things in the long term. Write all your essential dates on here as well as in your agenda. Sometimes you can be surprised by assignments if they are only written in your agenda. For instance, i flipped to the next week in my agenda on Friday to discover I had a quiz on that coming Tuesday. That didn't give me much time to study. By writing out all the dates on a big calender, this problem is solved.

3. New note books
Buy new notebooks and stationery that you like. Notebooks with designs on the front will force you to keep your book neet and tidy. Or at least that works for me. The more I love the design on the front the harder I will work to keep the inside nice and neat as to uphold the beauty indie as well. This is overall important. Your notes do not need to be pretty. But for me when my notes are pretty, they are readable, and that is what is most important

4. A Clean Desk Does Wonder
Having a clean workspace is a given. I aim to make my area as clutter free as possible. Spend some time. Make sure you have everything you need near you. Whether it is highlighters or more paper. Make sure that you have enough space and light. I have a lamp directly on my desk, and it illuminates the whole place. Make sure that the area you study in is light and comfortable Nothing beats a good study session where you feel productive so make sure you give yourself the tools to do so.

5. Kick up your fitness
Now I am not a doctor so don't do this without consulting anyone. My most prominent stress relief is cardio. I hate it with all my heart,  mind and soul but I recognise the space of mind it puts me in. That's why I will make a point of getting up extra early and tosssing more cardio into my daily life. It helps a ton.

These are my tips for staying organised. I try and keep these true throughout my semester. I find the more organised I am the lesss stessed I am. This in tern is very food for my helath.

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-Love Em


  1. Thanks for the tips! I loved reading it!

    1. Hi Brigdette! I hope your semester goes well!
      Thanks for the read

  2. These are great tips! Wished I did this when I was in college!

    1. Hi Rach!
      I find if I stick to these few tips and tricks my school load is a lot easier!
      Feel free to share the secret with any college students you know !

  3. These are really good tips.

    1. Hi Courtney!
      Thanks for the read :)
      Hope these tips help you in your school journey!

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