Monday, 15 January 2018


The fair isle pattern has been around for years. It has floated in and out of fashion but has always been a fan favourite. I received my own Fair Isle sweater for Christmas one year from my mum. It has been a staple in my closet ever since.

Here are 5 sweaters that will be equal parts trendy and fashionable for your wardrobe!

This super cute sweater from Abercrombie & Fitch is hot right now. I have seen it on many bloggers, and it looks super classic. It's also on sale for 36 dollars. SCORE

This classic sweater is sold at Nordstrom and is well reviewed. It is also under 100 dollars! Great colours and a traditional print how could you go wrong! I would wear it with jeans and brown boots to class or on casual days. Pop a white shirt underneath, and a pair of black flats and the look is effortlessly elevated

J.Crew makes some excellent sweaters. Every year as fall rolls around I am gazing at their classic styles. However, I have developed a limit to how many I can buy. I simply cannot afford to buy all the cute things they got going on. I have decided to restrict myself to one sweater a year. This super cute green fair isle sweater just might break the rule. The cables are thick making it nice and warm and the green is just to die for!

This J.Crew sweater is for the trendsetters. The belle sleeves play with the current trend without being full on out there. Its a classic spin on a new trend. Perfect for those who want to rock the belle sleeved wave but still want something timeless and classic. 

I was surprised at how much I loved this Gap sweater. I tend to stray away from crazy prints and bold colours. I have reddish hair, and I find many of these colours wash me out. However, this one is super cute! I tried it on, and it really worked. Its super soft and comfy. Perfect for more casual days.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Stay warm 
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