Tuesday, 19 December 2017

German Christmas Market : Vancouver

School is over !!! Bring on the free time. I have always wanted to check out the Christmas market in downtown Vancouver but have never had time. I grabbed my best friend, and we hopped on the train to waterfront station, and away we went.

The market itself as very pricey. It costs ten dollars to get in, but you can get your tickets online. You are allowed to use them for the whole duration of the market. The stalls were great. Lots of baking and ornaments as well as some homemade jewellery.

If you get time to grab some Spanish churros at the tall in the food section. They are the yummiest thing ever. Crunchy and sweet they are a delicious treat.

The handblown ornaments 

There were the most beautiful handblown ornaments at one of the stalls. They were pricey, but I would have paid. They had all different shapes and sizes, and they would look beautiful on your tree.

We grabbed some churros and sipped on some mulled wine and then headed off to lunch. The market is in the Jack Poole Plaza which is close to the Cactus Club. We grabbed some lunch there and since it was past 12 and it was five o'clock somewhere we had drinks. The Late Harvest Daquiri has become my favourite of the season. It has super yummy elderflower notes that balance the sweetness.

View from our seat at lunch

Overall the market was expensive, but the items were unique. I would recommend the mulled wine and the churros as they were super yummy. Take your time and walk through more than once. You need to see things a couple of times to justify buying them ;) 

Happy Tuesday

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