Saturday, 11 November 2017

3 Places To Buy Sweaters This Winter

This super cute store carries trendy sweaters that are extremely warm. Great colour variety and cheaper prices make it a score in my books. The sweaters seem to last as well (as long as you follow washing instructions) I will often load up on newer sweaters from here at the beginning of the season and they keep me warm all winter! They have a huge selection of styles and quality ranges making them ideal for a mass amount of people. This cute grey one is super soft and comfy. The oversized like look makes it super on trend. This cosy cashmere one is super funky with the tie sleeves!

This store is my holy grail during the winter. Their sweaters are warm and washable and last for years. I have at least 10 sweaters from here and they have never done me wrong. The gap also has frequent sales (which is always a plus in my book) you can often get their products for 30-40% off. This longer sweater will keep you plenty warm during this cold dyas. And this red cable knit is a great spin on the classic jumper.

If you're looking for sweaters that will stay in your closet for years this is the place to go. The quality of these sweaters is amazing. But you pay for that quality. It is worth it for me, I am a colder person and I rely on sweaters to remain unfrozen in the Vancouver temperatures. The wool they use is top notch, just make sure to follow the washing directions. I have had several sweaters from there last me easy 5 years. Wath for burst sales as they often have weekend deals. This grey sweater is super classic and will fit nicely into almost any outfit. 

Hope this helped you out!
Ps if your looking for further fall inso check out this post !


  1. I've actually never shopped at roots before! I'm totally going to check them out!

    1. They are a great company ! Totally check them out :)

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