Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Weekly Update !

Exams !!!! AHHH and papers. These two unfortunate requirements for obtaining a bachelors degree are causing me significant stress lately. This week has been full of writing and cramming as well as some fun in between!
Monday was spent working! Then exploring winners where I got a super cute fur throw for my bed! Stay tuned a home improvement hall is coming soon!
Tuesday Wednesday and today where spent writing. All day and night. The only negative thing about being a history major is the sheer amount of writing you have to do. 

Weekend plans:  More studying and crazy fun with friends! 
Heading out to a football game! Its the finals for my friend's brothers team so we are going ready to cheer our lungs off
Possible choices baking being done this weekend as well. Stay tuned for a blog post.

Things I'm loving this week 
1. This lavender oil: it smells so good and is ultra relaxing 
2. This Lush Bathbomb: no other words but pure heaven. Super sweet to slip this into your bath.
3. Starbucks dark roast coffee!

Songs on repeat
1. Something to Believe in by King Creosote
2. Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran 
3. The South by The Cadilac Three

New thing to try
1. Heard about the Vancouver German Christmas market! Hopefully going to head down soon to check it out!
2. New Westminster heritage homes tour!

Quote of the week
the problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem - Captian Jack Sparrow


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