Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Tips for Commuter Students

Commuting in Vancouver can be rough... its rough anywhere really. For those of us who live close enough to our respective colleges to not justify staying on campus, it can be an even longer trip. It takes me 2 buses and a train to get to school (which as horrifying as it sounds only works out to be about an hour and ten minutes.) and sometimes I feel like that is wasted study time. Here are some tips to help you maximize the time spent on transit

1. Do your reading
If your class requires you to read a textbook for homework do that on the train. It will kill the dead hours and allow you to get work done while still being productive. It also does not feel like you are doing homework as you are doing something else productive at the same time.

2. Cue Cards
I made cue cards for all of my classes and I carry them in bulldog clips around with me if I need to study. It is remarkably easy to pull them out and do some quick revision on your way to or from school. Here are some of the cue cards I use to study with !

3. Downtime
Sometimes I need to recharge and rest my brain between school and home. At home, I am tasked with the daily mountain of homework that awaits most college students and so often times I will use the train as a bit of a brain break. Relaxing and people watching so I can recharge and start my homework as soon as I get home.

4. Plan
Most time I will whip out my agenda and try and figure out what I need to do with the rest of my day allowing me to plan accordingly and remain organized.

5. Notes
I try and review my notes that I have taken during lectures that day. It allows me to maintain and retain information as well as be better equipped for the next class. However, if you take notes on your laptop this will not work. A notebook is much easier to review with and allows you to keep high-value things in your bag and away from prying eyes.allows your to keep high value things in your bag and away from prying eyes.

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