Monday, 5 June 2017

The Ultimate Wedding Guest Dress Guide

Backyard parties bonfires and WEDDINGS welcome to summer Y’all. Being an 18-year-old girl I am quickly learning that I have entered the wedding guest sweet spot, it seems like someone is always getting married. My best friend and I were debating over dresses to wear to a summer wedding the other day and I realised that if we were confused other people where probably in the same boat! Now, this can be a little confusing as some weddings are more formal than others so after some intensive research I thought I would attempt to tame the wedding guest beast and come up with a summer wedding outfit guide to give Y'all some idea as to which wedding needs what!

Backyard/ Beach 
Now, these weddings are usually pretty casual and are the easiest to dress for, if you can find a nice sundress and some sandals you should be good to go. Aim for pastels and stay away from white at all cost. Pastels give off that elegant yet summery vibe that is common for casual weddings. Aim for low heels or sandals for backyard weddings… it's all fun and games until someone breaks a heel or gets their stiletto stuck in some grass! 

Here are some great ideas for dresses (one regular, plus and modest dress)

Now, a classic church wedding is absolutely beautiful and timeless, steeped in tradition and love however they also have general guidelines concerning appropriate dress in each different denomination and religion. The best advice I can give you is to check with the church first and see what they deem acceptable in terms of shoulder showing and leg. And when in doubt air on the more conservative side. Heels and flats are acceptable at a church wedding, I personally would stick with a heel bellow 4 inches, sometimes churches are on hills or have stone floors, so make sure you're comfortable in your shoes. If the rules are more strict I suggest bringing along a cardigan or a shawl to put on in the church to maintain an air of modesty… 

Here are three dresses that I would wear to a church wedding 

Formal weddings are always a little interesting when it comes to guest dresses, some of the weddings are more casual, however, some can be really dressed up, when in doubt ask! Try and stick to dresses that are not too shocking or editorial, while it's great to express your style remember that it is the brides day and while the shimmery maxi dress with a huge cutout might look killer hot on you,  it is her day and try and keep the attention steered towards her. Now that doesn't mean that you have to be boring with your dress choice just keep it in the back of your mind. Heels for this category are pretty much free range all heights are usually acceptable as long as you can walk in them! 

Here are some dresses I would wear for a formal wedding 

- Emma-Lynn 
PS I was looking through some of my favourite blogger's weddings posts and found this one by Covering the Basses check it out!

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