Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How to get Beachy Waves in in 4 Easy Steps

I am a lover of all things found at the beach… the sun the sand and most importantly the ocean waters effect on my hair. When I first went to the beach and noticed a difference in my hair I tried desperately to recreate it with just gels and sprays… However, as I soon discovered I was missing the salt element which really helps make your hair wild and beachy. I discovered sea salt spray and while it had great effects it got expensive very quickly and that's when I decided to try making it myself. After some late nights, tangled hair and frustrated googling I have finally figured out the perfect proportions for my hair. If your hair is thin cut down the gel by half of a tablespoon! This will allow for your hair to maintain the flow and movement that is so enviable these days. This will also help you to beat the crunch that gels sometimes provide, and while sometimes a gel can do wonders I have quickly come up with the phrase “crunch ain't cute”. So here it is, enjoys my amazingly simple and cheap sea salt spray

  • You can use any type you want but I prefer sea salt! I grabbed mine from Cosco it really does a good job and doesn't leave your hair feeling funny like regular salt will. Plus it comes with the added bonus of having sea salt on hand for all of your baking and cooking needs. It doesn't break the bank either, which is always a score in my book!
Hot water
  • Your gonna want this water to be pretty warm in order to dissolve the salt. I found that if I used cold I would get chunks of gel and undissolved salt. Having hot water is probably the most important part of this recipe 
Hair Gel
  • Now, I use one specifically designed for curly hair this helps the hairstyle stay in place and provides a little bit of weight so your hair isn't too voluminous. However as has been mentioned in the past be careful with your proportions Do not be afraid to mess with the amount if you have fine hair or thick hair.  
Spray Bottle 
  • A spray bottle will help you evenly distribute the liquid instead of just putting it on in clumps, I got mine at Sallys Beauty Supply for $2 


  1. Place 2 tablespoons of hair gel and 3 tablespoons of salt into your container 
  2. Fill the bottle up with warm water, though it is wise to leave a little room to allow for the water to move around when you are shaking it!
  3. Shake your bottle until the products are dissolved. This step is extremely important! If you have any doubts at all about how dissolved the mixture is kept mixing, if you don't you could end up with clumpy or crunchy hair
  4. Spray this liquid gold into your damp hair and scrunch! Get ready to have those beautiful waves 

I hope you enjoy your new beach tousled hair! This is one of my favourites to make and it is much cheaper than the stuff you can find in stores. Howerver, if you are running short on time and cannot make this amazing spray yourself I will link some of the store brands I tried! 

1. This one by Bumble and Bumble is pretty great. It makes your hair beach tousled and curly without drying out your hair or adding crunch. However, I am not a particular fan of the smell
2.This Captain Blankenship sea salt spray is sulphate and paraben free! it's really great for drier hair types as the shimmer adds a bit of sheen to your hair. Use in moderation though it can get a little oily if you put too much on

Check out my other curly hair posts for more ideas! 

- Emma-Lynn 

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