Friday, 9 June 2017

5 Items that are Essential for University

1. Laptop
I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on a laptop the summer before university, I was unsure how much I would actually use it being that I always take notes with a pen and paper. However I am so glad I decided to get a Mac, I do not take notes on it however it comes to class with me every day. I do everything on it,  from downloading readings to checking my social medias and emailing profs. Having the ability to write and have access to a big screen on the regular is extremely practical. 

Although laptops are fun here a couple words of wisdom that I have collected with my stumbles in the technological world 

- do not buy something you are unfamiliar with it is a bad idea and as much as you think you will learn quickly it doesn't happen, and then your are stuck googling how to do things so you can complete your assignments… rookie mistake made by me 

- Take all the insurance you can because you never know, life is unpredictable and so are computers. Make sure that you have Apple care or the geek squad or something to give you a helping hand when it comes to damages and repairs, you will be so thankful and so will your wallet.

2. Umbrella
This one isn't too complicated, carry an umbrella in your bag… EVERYWHERE. The reason being is that if it rains it's not just you getting wet, it's your bag, with all your notes and your laptop. You can dance in the rain another time, not with university things.

3. Tylenol 
In my first semester, I think I lived on an average of 26 sleep a week… and while that number seems great calculate how much sleep you actually need and well you gotta problem. This problem leads to big headaches and tired eyes, it is horrible and tiring and Tylenol will be your saviour. A black coffee and a Tylenol will keep you going just remember not too often or more than once a day. (also not a medical professional just a tired history student please consult medical professional)

4. A good pen 
 This seems redundant… it is not redundant it is a holy grail item. Go to your Walmart and find a bunch of pens to try out, find one that works for you, that you love. You do not need to be worrying about anything accept your writing and your school work, nobody needs a pen that is uncomfortable for long periods of writing or that has a disrupted ink stream that drives you nuts, you need complete focus, not frustration.  A pen can save you or kill you it's your choice.

5. Agenda 
I was so excited to get into university that I got an agenda right away… and I have used the absolute crap outta it. It looks beat up and worn but it is my life line. You need to be organised and concise, but you also need to look to the future. Get an agenda and write in it every day, look at your agenda before you look at your phone. Tip... buy one that makes you happy and makes you want to write in it, go for the fancy pages if you think you will use it more.

6. Good walking shoes 
I didn't anticipate the amount of walking that was involved with university, this might also have to do with the fact that I am a commuter and transit but my goodness did my feet hurt. It took me about 4 weeks to discover that my little thin ballet flats and high-heeled booties were stylish but not practical. So as the fall rolled through I ditched the flats for converse, and Chelsea boots! My feet were singing my praises and I was so much more comfortable … I mean who cares how good you look if you can't make it to your intro to Canadian history course because your feet are giving out at the bus stop. Blisters ain't cute and neither are hurting feet. 

This list was written after months of trial and error to find what worked for me and my life, something that works for me may not always work for you. Make sure you find your groove and find you happy place and the things that make you comfortable and you will be just fine.


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