Monday, 12 June 2017

5 Best Basket Bags to Buy This Summer

Straw bags are all the rage lately, some say the trend is a nod to Jane Birkin and her infamous straw basket-purse! The trend has peaked this summer and I am really feeling the options that lots of different stores are providing. You can find them in all price ranges and most of them are available online which is great! This post will help y'all find the best ones out there based on reviews and looks! 

1.  Mia Woven Raffia Clutch 69.36
This clutch is a beautiful spin on the full wicker bag trend, something subtle you can add into your wardrobe if you are not sure about going all out wicker basket yet! It also comes in three colours which are great, it provides you with more options to help expand your wardrobe!  I could totally see this worn as a casual summer bag when you don't want to bring your full bag to the beach, or out to a wedding. I did a post on wedding outfits that you can check out! This bag would totally spice up any dress you are wearing!

2. Straw Market Tote by J Crew 
This bag is the bag of all bags, its classic tote design makes it easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. The bag is trimmed in leather and has a very defined patterns in the straw making it perfect to chuck on with jeans and a t-shirt or to take to the beach with you! This bag is simple, classic and easy to style!

3. Jola Toucan Basket Tote
This tote is absolutely darling, the plain wicker with a pop of colour makes it easy to style while still looking fun and summery!  The handles on the tote are a bit longer than most totes which makes it great for the tall girls of the world! I don't know about you but I can't stand a tote bag that chokes my armpits, it drives me crazy!  Word of caution with this one though, it is unlined and that can pose a problem if you are stuffing small things into it like earrings or rings so make sure to keep them contained and slip free

4. Birkin Basket
Get your JaneBirkinn on! Holy Moley is this beautiful bag. This basket is a super fun look alike of the one that Jane Birkin used to wear making it uber popular this season. It is handmade in Portugal which ads a nice touch to the basket, knowing I am supporting artisans always leaves me with a happy feeling! Act fast though this one is selling out!

5. Gaia's Ark
This bag is everywhere… I mean everywhere and its not hard to figure out why, it its so darn cute! This cage bag is perfect for the summer and allows you to stay styling when you are on the go. This bag can be dressed up or down to create a summery look that will transcend the seasons. One of my favourite blogs Covering The Basses featured this on an outfit and it was super chic and on trend while still looking classy and timeless 

These bags are super on trend and classy while being perfect for summer! Whether you have a small place in your heart for the ultimate fashion icon Jane Birkin or you just love the beachy but timeless looks these bags are great. They take you easily from day to night and  beach to drinks with the girls. This is just a small sampling of the selection that is out there right now, they are available at every price point and in lots of different styles for girls with all kinds of styles, everyone can work these into their wardrobes! 


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