Sunday, 7 May 2017

Longchamp Le Pliage

The age old battle for college girls, backpack or tote bag and recently at my Canadian university the Longchamp Le Pliage tote has exploded onto the scene. Every way I turn I see women hauling these oversized totes, stuffed to the gunnels and looking effortlessly stylish as they parade off to class. My decision was made then, I had to understand the hype. Deciding on a colour was a bit tricky, however after much deliberation between navy and black I decided to go with the latter, I never wear navy and I felt as though I wouldn't know what to pair it with. Bellow are some the thoughts I have gathered from my use of the bag.

1. It is extremely big 
I’m talking cavernous pit big, the thing is huge, which for me is great because of my not so secret habit of bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me “just in case”, what I'll need half of the stuff in my bag for no one knows, however, my shoe polish has come in handy before. This feature is also particularly useful if you are a student who carries a laptop, notebook, pencil case, lunch and possibly every lipstick you own to school plus a water bottle. The space allows for freedom and flexibility

2. Dirt 
Buying a black bag I thought I might be more safe from the dirt that sometimes accompanies the use of backpacks, I was right, however, I did manage to spill something green on it and it wiped right off. Props to the wipeable material, it's the real MVP in this game.

3. Water Resistant 
I live in a particularly rainy part of the west coast, and let me tell you, it pours from September to June. When you carry your laptop and are using public transit with a lot of walking this can be a problem, nobody wants a wet laptop. While I would not submerge this bag in water wth my electronics in it, I can say it does a fine job at keeping the worst of moisture from my bag 

4. Stylish 
Alas the main reason people buy them, they are stylish, in a French Parisian chic woman type of way, it's grown up bag that can be used both the younger and older generations and it is particularly handy and durable making it appealing to women of all ages. 

This bag is my current favourite and has managed to make it through its first three months, which considering how hard I am on my bags is a miracle. However is it worth it for the $200CAD price tag, I would say yes, I would splurge however it is not a necessity.

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