Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The 2017 Wish List

 The ominous list is now out… months of combing the internet and reading magazines have led to this 4 big purchase goal. I am the type of person who really loves to buy things on sale, which means I will wait for that jacket to go on sale or for those shoes to be chucked on clearance without feeling bad. This usually means I am shopping for different seasons in different seasons… confusing right? for instance, this list is mostly fall stuff because it is on sale. I try and wait to buy my basics, like wool skirts, jeans and sweaters in the spring and summer because they are usually either just under or way over 50% off the original price. That way I can get the high-quality items for a fraction of the cost.

1. Barbour Jacket 
I have wanted one of these for ages! However, the price tag has always held me back that last little but.. so the plan for 2017 is to take the plunge. I am imagining it with a thick sweater and some leather boots.. or maybe a button up and some loafers. The list is endless and I am really Looking forward to updating ya’ll. I first discovered it on Krista Robertson's blog which I will link bellow, she rocks it dressed up and down and is definitely some great style inspo 

2. Shoes
As I age and mature I find my style is changing as well. Gone are the t-shirts and jeans and in are the sweaters and blouses. However I find that my shoe styles are changing as well.. and while it's great to express your own style all these changes can get expensive. So this fall I am going to try and buy some shoes in the off season that are on sale in order to save some cash.
Like these loafers by Cole Haan
and these boots 

3. A New Camera 
The other day I was visiting my friend who is really into photography and she let me play around with a few of her beginner cameras… and low and behold I had the time of my life. So I think will be getting a beginner camera just to try it out. I was thinking about the Cannon T6 to start with and get my feet wet.

4. A Trip 
Now i know that trip is not usually something a lot of people put on their wish lists but I have  been wanting to go to New York since I was a little girl and I think that this year would be a good year to give it a go… hopefully late fall early winter hopefully in time to catch some of the Christmas celebrations. Stay tuned for a travel experience post!

Super Saves For Next Season

 Brooks Brothers 68.60 compared to 98.00

Brooks Brothers 47.60 compared to 68.00

Brooks Brothers 68.60 compared to 98.00

Tuckernuck 62.00 compared to 150

Krista's Blog 

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