Monday, 22 May 2017

5 Lush Products that are Killing the Game

  1. Herbalism // Face cleanser 
This product is meant to be used on the face to clear up troubled skin. After trying it in the store I was quickly and happily ADDICTED. Before I used soap and a face cloth, leaving my skin feeling stripped and dehydrated but this cleanser allows for deep hydration without making your skin feel slick and gross. Best way to describe it… heaven in a black bottle.

2. Curly Whirly // Shampoo for curly hair 
Calling all curly haired queens this product is the BOMB. It doesn't make a lot of bubbles which is confusing at first but the after result is miraculous. Your hair will be bouncy and curly all day. Just make sure to rinse well. 

3. Ocean Salt // Face and Body Scrub
I use this scrub on my upper arms and back to prevent acne, it exfoliates without being too harsh on your skin, leaving you feeling glowing and refreshed. I use it with a puff from Walmart, just for an extra little grit. This scrub leaves nothing to be desired and will be a great addition to your daily routine

4. Cupcake // Face Mask
This mask is as lovely as its name, however, be careful where your store it in your fridge or you might risk confusing some relatives like I did. Let's just say dad was not pleased when he thought he was delving into cupcake batter and received a mouthful of facemask instead. Every time I use this mask my face feels tighter and more moisturised, it leaves your skin looking bright and refreshed. This mask is particularly enjoyable when you are exhausted, usually, when I get tired it is my skin that takes the first hit, becoming drab and dull looking. During exams and finals, you can find me chilling at my desk going over notes with a face full of this magic mask.

5. Sexy Peel // Body Soap 
I stumbled upon this soap doing my regular Lush binge shopping at the mall, I was drawn to the colour, I LOVE anything orange… If it's orange you cannot go wrong(current life motto) I smelt it and fell in love, citrus tones making my senses go crazy, I had to have it. So off to the counter I went. When I used it... HOLY MOLEY it is some good stuff. The soap made my skin feel like new in no time. Gone was the dull drab October skin, I was glowing like it was the middle of July. By far one of the best soaps I have EVER used

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