Thursday, 18 May 2017

10 ways to conquer your curls

10 Ways to Conquer Your Curls 

Blessed.. that's what my aunts called me, I, however, was not feeling the giant birds nest on top of my head at the age of 12, curly hair takes a lot of work and patience but with the right amount of tender love and care you should be rocking your way to great curls in no time 
1. Scrunch 
I am a big fan of scrunching, however, my technique is a bit different, in the shower when your hair is wet (preferably with some conditioner in it) scrunch and twist your hair, use your fingers as a curing iron. This will help with curl definition and placement.

2. A Good Cut
Kinda a no brainer but never the less, find a stylist you trust and discuss in length what you want done with your hair. Never I repeat NEVR let anyone cut your hair straight. This is a recipe for disaster. If you want your hair to look great every day without a straightening iron don't let your stylist talk you into it.

3. Beat Crunch 
I have thin hair and sometimes gels and mousses can be a bit much for my curls. Crunchy hair isn't cute and try to avoid it if possible. I do this by using cream based products, avoid the crunch plus a little-added smoothness in their for compensation.

4. Avoid the Brush
One of my downfalls as a beginner was thinking I could tame my hair by brushing…big mistake avoid brushing out of the shower at all costs. Try and do as much prep for your hair routine inside the shower as possible to try and reduce some of that frizz that somehow always happens 

5. Use the good stuff 
Now I am in no way an expert, however, I have developed somewhat of a taste for the finer points of curl care and these are 3 products I swear by 

1. Miss Jessie's Pillow soft curls- This creme is slightly expensive however it is the bomb. Apply some to your finger when hair is wet and comb your fingers through your hair thoroughly and bobs your uncle.. you got some rocking curls 
2. Organix shampoo- This shampoo makes your hair super soft, supple and easy to work with. Hair fixin is kinda like face makeup it always works out better when your base is fantastic, and this shampoo will get you on your way.
3. Southern Belle Volumizing Mouse- Being Canadian I was slightly sceptical of this mouse, I figured the higher the hair the closer to god in the south, and honestly, that scared me a little. Use it in moderation and this mouse is your best friend… like ever. Great lift and amazing texture this my go to.

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