Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The 2017 Wish List

 The ominous list is now out… months of combing the internet and reading magazines have led to this 4 big purchase goal. I am the type of person who really loves to buy things on sale, which means I will wait for that jacket to go on sale or for those shoes to be chucked on clearance without feeling bad. This usually means I am shopping for different seasons in different seasons… confusing right? for instance, this list is mostly fall stuff because it is on sale. I try and wait to buy my basics, like wool skirts, jeans and sweaters in the spring and summer because they are usually either just under or way over 50% off the original price. That way I can get the high-quality items for a fraction of the cost.

1. Barbour Jacket 
I have wanted one of these for ages! However, the price tag has always held me back that last little but.. so the plan for 2017 is to take the plunge. I am imagining it with a thick sweater and some leather boots.. or maybe a button up and some loafers. The list is endless and I am really Looking forward to updating ya’ll. I first discovered it on Krista Robertson's blog which I will link bellow, she rocks it dressed up and down and is definitely some great style inspo 

2. Shoes
As I age and mature I find my style is changing as well. Gone are the t-shirts and jeans and in are the sweaters and blouses. However I find that my shoe styles are changing as well.. and while it's great to express your own style all these changes can get expensive. So this fall I am going to try and buy some shoes in the off season that are on sale in order to save some cash.
Like these loafers by Cole Haan
and these boots 

3. A New Camera 
The other day I was visiting my friend who is really into photography and she let me play around with a few of her beginner cameras… and low and behold I had the time of my life. So I think will be getting a beginner camera just to try it out. I was thinking about the Cannon T6 to start with and get my feet wet.

4. A Trip 
Now i know that trip is not usually something a lot of people put on their wish lists but I have  been wanting to go to New York since I was a little girl and I think that this year would be a good year to give it a go… hopefully late fall early winter hopefully in time to catch some of the Christmas celebrations. Stay tuned for a travel experience post!

Super Saves For Next Season

 Brooks Brothers 68.60 compared to 98.00

Brooks Brothers 47.60 compared to 68.00

Brooks Brothers 68.60 compared to 98.00

Tuckernuck 62.00 compared to 150

Krista's Blog 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

4 Best Products for Curly Hair

1. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls 
I purchased this at Target in the states and I honestly never went back, it smells like heaven and works wonders for your hair. The creamy consistency helps smooth out those horrid fly-aways that always seem to be popping up while making your curls a little softer, still defined but more like longer waves. This perfect for when you want that wavy/ curly natural look. 

 2. Anything by John Frieda
I have had all of his dream curl products in my kit at one point and they all work fabulously, however, sometimes the price tags can get a little expensive and with all the other products curly girls need its hard to budget these products in.  However I must say the dream curls line behaves like an old friend, it delivers precise and constant results, always smoothing and defining every curl without issue. I am always a happy camper when I am using these products

 3. Coconut Oil 
Now I know that it is not generally a hair product, but coconut oil is the holy grail savour of my every hair woe. You can use it as a mask by melting it down and applying it to your hair and leaving it for 30 minutes or as a hair oil to help tame frizz. I put some in my hair everyday just for that extra shine and definition…caution though it can get very oily so make sure you control how much you are using 

 4. Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel 
Now I just started using this and let me tell you this stuff is absolutely wonderful, it is a tad more expensive than is comfortable for a strapped for cash college student but sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the good of the curls… at least thats what I tell myself. This gel smoothes and defines without making hair feel crunchy and gross something that is greatly appreciated. I am usually not one for gels but this one rocked my world. 


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Monday, 22 May 2017

5 Lush Products that are Killing the Game

  1. Herbalism // Face cleanser 
This product is meant to be used on the face to clear up troubled skin. After trying it in the store I was quickly and happily ADDICTED. Before I used soap and a face cloth, leaving my skin feeling stripped and dehydrated but this cleanser allows for deep hydration without making your skin feel slick and gross. Best way to describe it… heaven in a black bottle.

2. Curly Whirly // Shampoo for curly hair 
Calling all curly haired queens this product is the BOMB. It doesn't make a lot of bubbles which is confusing at first but the after result is miraculous. Your hair will be bouncy and curly all day. Just make sure to rinse well. 

3. Ocean Salt // Face and Body Scrub
I use this scrub on my upper arms and back to prevent acne, it exfoliates without being too harsh on your skin, leaving you feeling glowing and refreshed. I use it with a puff from Walmart, just for an extra little grit. This scrub leaves nothing to be desired and will be a great addition to your daily routine

4. Cupcake // Face Mask
This mask is as lovely as its name, however, be careful where your store it in your fridge or you might risk confusing some relatives like I did. Let's just say dad was not pleased when he thought he was delving into cupcake batter and received a mouthful of facemask instead. Every time I use this mask my face feels tighter and more moisturised, it leaves your skin looking bright and refreshed. This mask is particularly enjoyable when you are exhausted, usually, when I get tired it is my skin that takes the first hit, becoming drab and dull looking. During exams and finals, you can find me chilling at my desk going over notes with a face full of this magic mask.

5. Sexy Peel // Body Soap 
I stumbled upon this soap doing my regular Lush binge shopping at the mall, I was drawn to the colour, I LOVE anything orange… If it's orange you cannot go wrong(current life motto) I smelt it and fell in love, citrus tones making my senses go crazy, I had to have it. So off to the counter I went. When I used it... HOLY MOLEY it is some good stuff. The soap made my skin feel like new in no time. Gone was the dull drab October skin, I was glowing like it was the middle of July. By far one of the best soaps I have EVER used

Saturday, 20 May 2017

20 Songs for May

Music runs my life… literally. On the bus, around town, even in my home there is music playing, it relaxes me and allows for some deep thinking on life. Here are my top 20 songs that I'm loving to jam out to in May.  Be prepared for a mixed playlist of old music and new

You Look Good // Lady Antebellum 
1. Tell Me Lies // Deorro
2. I’m the One // DJ Khaled
3. Party Monster // The Weeknd
4. Smooth // Florida Georgia Line
5.  Church Bells // Carry Underwood 
6.  Island // Florida Georgia Line 
7.  Barn Burner // Dan Davidson
8.  Huntin, Fishin and Lovin Everyday // Luke Bryan 
9.   Unchained Melody // The Righteous Brothers 
10. LOYALTY // Kendrick Lamar
11. Big Yellow Taxi // Counting Crows
12. In The Air Tonight // Phil Collins
13. Come Join The Murder // The White Buffalo and The Forrest Rangers
14. Travelin’ Soldier // Dixie Chicks
15. Home // Edward Sharpe
16. Despacito // Daddy Yanke and Justin Bieber
17. Misery // Maroon 5
18. It Ain’t My Fault // Brothers Osborne 
19. Dirt on My Boots // Jon Pardi 
20. Have You Ever Seen the Rain // Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

10 ways to conquer your curls

10 Ways to Conquer Your Curls 

Blessed.. that's what my aunts called me, I, however, was not feeling the giant birds nest on top of my head at the age of 12, curly hair takes a lot of work and patience but with the right amount of tender love and care you should be rocking your way to great curls in no time 
1. Scrunch 
I am a big fan of scrunching, however, my technique is a bit different, in the shower when your hair is wet (preferably with some conditioner in it) scrunch and twist your hair, use your fingers as a curing iron. This will help with curl definition and placement.

2. A Good Cut
Kinda a no brainer but never the less, find a stylist you trust and discuss in length what you want done with your hair. Never I repeat NEVR let anyone cut your hair straight. This is a recipe for disaster. If you want your hair to look great every day without a straightening iron don't let your stylist talk you into it.

3. Beat Crunch 
I have thin hair and sometimes gels and mousses can be a bit much for my curls. Crunchy hair isn't cute and try to avoid it if possible. I do this by using cream based products, avoid the crunch plus a little-added smoothness in their for compensation.

4. Avoid the Brush
One of my downfalls as a beginner was thinking I could tame my hair by brushing…big mistake avoid brushing out of the shower at all costs. Try and do as much prep for your hair routine inside the shower as possible to try and reduce some of that frizz that somehow always happens 

5. Use the good stuff 
Now I am in no way an expert, however, I have developed somewhat of a taste for the finer points of curl care and these are 3 products I swear by 

1. Miss Jessie's Pillow soft curls- This creme is slightly expensive however it is the bomb. Apply some to your finger when hair is wet and comb your fingers through your hair thoroughly and bobs your uncle.. you got some rocking curls 
2. Organix shampoo- This shampoo makes your hair super soft, supple and easy to work with. Hair fixin is kinda like face makeup it always works out better when your base is fantastic, and this shampoo will get you on your way.
3. Southern Belle Volumizing Mouse- Being Canadian I was slightly sceptical of this mouse, I figured the higher the hair the closer to god in the south, and honestly, that scared me a little. Use it in moderation and this mouse is your best friend… like ever. Great lift and amazing texture this my go to.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Longchamp Le Pliage

The age old battle for college girls, backpack or tote bag and recently at my Canadian university the Longchamp Le Pliage tote has exploded onto the scene. Every way I turn I see women hauling these oversized totes, stuffed to the gunnels and looking effortlessly stylish as they parade off to class. My decision was made then, I had to understand the hype. Deciding on a colour was a bit tricky, however after much deliberation between navy and black I decided to go with the latter, I never wear navy and I felt as though I wouldn't know what to pair it with. Bellow are some the thoughts I have gathered from my use of the bag.

1. It is extremely big 
I’m talking cavernous pit big, the thing is huge, which for me is great because of my not so secret habit of bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me “just in case”, what I'll need half of the stuff in my bag for no one knows, however, my shoe polish has come in handy before. This feature is also particularly useful if you are a student who carries a laptop, notebook, pencil case, lunch and possibly every lipstick you own to school plus a water bottle. The space allows for freedom and flexibility

2. Dirt 
Buying a black bag I thought I might be more safe from the dirt that sometimes accompanies the use of backpacks, I was right, however, I did manage to spill something green on it and it wiped right off. Props to the wipeable material, it's the real MVP in this game.

3. Water Resistant 
I live in a particularly rainy part of the west coast, and let me tell you, it pours from September to June. When you carry your laptop and are using public transit with a lot of walking this can be a problem, nobody wants a wet laptop. While I would not submerge this bag in water wth my electronics in it, I can say it does a fine job at keeping the worst of moisture from my bag 

4. Stylish 
Alas the main reason people buy them, they are stylish, in a French Parisian chic woman type of way, it's grown up bag that can be used both the younger and older generations and it is particularly handy and durable making it appealing to women of all ages. 

This bag is my current favourite and has managed to make it through its first three months, which considering how hard I am on my bags is a miracle. However is it worth it for the $200CAD price tag, I would say yes, I would splurge however it is not a necessity.