Friday, 31 March 2017

Vancouver Life: Granville Island

With the clouds hanging low and the ever present threat of rain becoming more real, I searched for something to do on a mellow Saturday. Granville Islands great layout(it's somewhat inside sheltered from the rain) and trendy shops were soon calling my name. Off I went in search of some great food and trendy clothes. 

The beauty of Granville Island is the market, so many cultures and things blend together and most of the things here are as natural as can be as well as made by local crafters. Different national foods blend together with soap carts and jewellery and anything else you can imagine making for interesting and mentally stimulating mashups.
You can find fresh bocconcini from one of the Italian delis and then skip over and get some cookies or cinnamon bread from one of the bakeries in the marketplace. It is a beautiful thing.

When you venture out from the main market there is a multitude of things to do, I personally like to head over to the Net Loft and explore in there for a bit, definitely check out Paper-Yahn which is a stationary girl heaven and Maiwa Handprints for some cool hippie-type clothing and really reasonably priced leather bags. 

Granville Island is a great lil gem tucked away in Vancouver, far enough removed from downtown that you don't feel too cramped and close enough that you can hop a bus and head in for some mall shopping and a quick Skytrain ride home.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Go in with an open mind- everyone experiences and likes different  things keep your mind open to the experience around  you 
  2. Go into as many shops as you can - you might be completely surprised, a shop may not strike you as your niche, maybe give it a go anyway you might find a gem and expand your horizons a bit 
  3. Don't feel pressure to buy everything- while the shops are amazing to browse in sometimes store owners can be a little over helpful, most of them are artists who are running business that rely on people buying their things, however, don't buy something just because they push you
  4. Buy at least one thing from a food establishment - you will be thankful trust me 
  5. Explore and relax and take it all in your one of the hippest spots in Vancouver let that guide you through your adventure of Granville Island.