Thursday, 23 February 2017

7 of the Best Shopping Spots in Vancouver

Shopping… it is one of my favourite things and I know I'm not alone in that statement. Most people have ventured into a mall at one point of their lives and while some may not have enjoyed it as much as others, I think we can all see its purpose. As online shopping becomes more prevalent it's important to remember the roots of an amazing shopping experience. So in this post I will outline some cool places to shop in Vancouver from the malls to the boutiques it'll be a well-rounded mix 

    Coquitlam Center 
        This is an average sized mall out in the suburbs, it has a lot of stores without the unfortunate curse of being horribly busy. It is generally quiet during the days and the weekday evenings. It's great to check out if you want the basics in a less busy atmosphere.
        This mall is one of the busiest malls I have ever been to. It huge and has a vast amount of stores ranging from the Gap to Aritzia you will have lots of selection here. However, if it is your first time going maybe try a week day as it is not so busy and it will be easier to find your way around. Also, head my warning and find a map
    Pacific Center 
        This mall is located in downtown Vancouver and is accessible by transit (which for a girl who is not too fond of city driving is a huge plus) This mall caters more towards a higher end client base. It has Holt Renfrew attached as well as Nordstrom.

Commercial Drive  
    The drive located in East Van is a super cool hip spot for all generations. Full of little boutiques and coffee spots its great for a diverse experience. It is a great place to shop for vintage and consignment goods as well! I have gotten some great deals in those stores from brand new white converse for 10 bucks to a designer wool coat for 40, it is a great location worth checking out. Some noteworthy stores include the Barefoot Contessa and Mintage which sell both new and consignment goods. By shopping the boutiques on the drive you also get the feel good experience of supporting local businesses and artists.

    Main Street like Commercial is full of cool creative boutiques that will satisfy your inner hipster. These boutiques offer a wide range of goods from antique furniture to cool clothing making an essential place to check out. I've scored some pretty cool stuff from here and feel good supporting the locals who work hard to keep these shops going. Eugene Choo(hello discounted Italian leather boots!!) is a great store, the staff are super friendly and helpful, however for your average college student prices are a bit steep so keep an eye out for sales. Front and Company is a really cool store that sells new and used goods that are in fabulous condition. They even have a designer section for the girl who is into the pre-loved stuff!!! They have just opened pop-up locations right next door to the original business, they got some interesting stuff to stroll through and check out! Also, I have thrown in my favourite coffee shop in the entire world. Bean Around The World is a great little place with amazing coffee and this coming from a girl who views coffees as only second in importance to oxygen. The muffins are great too!

Granville Island 
    Granville Island is not your typical shopping location and from my experience every time I go I find something different and interesting to buy. Great for my closet however my wallet always seems to moan as soon as I'm on my way. They've got cool food markets inside the main part of the building. Tons of fresh foods and trinket stands, I would probably grocery shop there if my house wasn't so far. As you venture further out of the actual marketplace there are cool little shops and carts with all sorts of tempting things to buy, from jewellery to scarves and clothing you will not be disappointed. Just a heads up this is a whole day expedition complete with lots of walking, if you go in the summer it also boasts the potential for some rocking ice cream just saying.

    Gastown is full of hip little restaurants and cool boutiques that modern and fun. The architecture is beautiful and you really feel as if you have stepped back in time. The shops cater to a more modern style(very minimalistic dressing) which is great! Lots of places to eat in the area but my favourite by far is the Lamplighter pub, got great service and a cool design. Heads up though it is a pub so follow all the restrictions on age. 

While I'm sure I have missed a couple of places(more like barely skimmed the surface) to shop in Vancouver these are a few that I frequent really and really enjoy!

- Emma-Lynn