Saturday, 30 December 2017

5 New Years Resolutions for 2018

Bring on 2018! The new year always comes as a surprise to me. It feels like I never get used to writing the year and its over. Besides my resolutions for this year, I would LOVE to travel more. I was thinking maybe a weekend in Victoria or perhaps a trip to Nantucket. I've heard its lovely in the summer. I plan to read twice as many books and drink twice as much water. But I figured I should lay out some formal resolutions: 

1. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio five days a week. 
I am turning 20 this year, and I know this when the fitness craze of the teen years seem to slow down. Also goodbye teen metabolism. I am a bigger person. My parents are big people. And with that comes an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. So my first new year's resolution is to either walk, run, swim or bike for 30 minutes every day. To take care of my body inside and out. For my health and my future.

2. Drink more water
I don't drink nearly enough water. I am super bad at it. I could go a whole day without feeling the need to drink water. This is bad for my health. And to counter this bad habit, I have already begun my new water regime. My goal is to drink at least two water bottles a day. Now I know I will forget throughout the day and so I will drink one water bottle fast in the morning before I go to school and another before I go to bed. This will allow me to nourish my brain without forgetting about it throughout the day. It might sound silly, but it has been working so far. I feel way more energised and awake, and it is making a considerable difference in my somewhat sparse exercise routines.

3. Read at least 15 minutes a day. 
I  am a history major. This means I can read upwards of 300 pages a week. I read like crazy. However, all of the readings are required and painstaking. I find I miss the novels and fun books I used to read. When I got into university my time slipped through my fingers. Now I have decided to take control back and make time for the things that I miss.

4. Keep a cleaner space
I am a messy person. I am not a dirty person. There is a big difference. And while I will admit to being somewhat lax in the organisation department it does not mean that I cant improve. My goal is to do 20 minutes of cleaning and organising a day. And just get into the general habit of putting things back into the same spot when you are done with them. I feel like the reduced clutter will free up my mind.

5. Put my headphones away. 
I am guilty of wearing my headphones everywhere. I love music. I love listening to music anywhere, and since I transit to school, it is really easy to get wrapped up in la la land and be unaware of whats around you. Headphones seem to isolate people. It stops people from talking to you and interacting. My goal is to leave my headphones at home or in my bag instead of wearing them all the time.

I hope your new year's celebrations are with all those you love and cherish!


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Traditions

Happy Christmas to all near and far. I wish you and your family all the best! My family is huddled close together around our gas fireplace reading The Night Before Christmas. One of our many traditions. 

We usually read the night before Christmas before the young ones go to bed and write down who read it each year. I have read it 11 years in a year and considering I am 19 I think that's a pretty good accomplishment. Its great tradition to get into. I have always cherished hearing the well-known story.

We usually let the younger ones put out the cookies. But as the number of younger ones are dwindling as we grow, my brother and I often do it together. It makes him so happy, and it gives me great joy in knowing that his Christmas fantasies will soon come true.

Once the children are in bed, it is usually my mother and me who make the cinnamon buns for the morning. We always have cinnamon buns on Christmas. Its a funny tradition of ours. We bake the most straightforward kind that we could find. The ones we cook where found in the Best of Bridge cookbook. They are super simple and super yummy and easy. Most of the work is done the night before, and then they are left to rest.

Once that is done my family usually watches the Grinch. The aniatmenated version. It was a tradition that was started before I was born. My parents used to watch it even when it was just them. I find that I have grown to know the words yet the appeal is still the same. It is a lovely 30 minutes that gives us a break from all the other Christmas activities.

I wish you all the happiest and loveliest Christmas possible. I am giving huge hugs to all you near and far. 


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

German Christmas Market : Vancouver

School is over !!! Bring on the free time. I have always wanted to check out the Christmas market in downtown Vancouver but have never had time. I grabbed my best friend, and we hopped on the train to waterfront station, and away we went.

The market itself as very pricey. It costs ten dollars to get in, but you can get your tickets online. You are allowed to use them for the whole duration of the market. The stalls were great. Lots of baking and ornaments as well as some homemade jewellery.

If you get time to grab some Spanish churros at the tall in the food section. They are the yummiest thing ever. Crunchy and sweet they are a delicious treat.

The handblown ornaments 

There were the most beautiful handblown ornaments at one of the stalls. They were pricey, but I would have paid. They had all different shapes and sizes, and they would look beautiful on your tree.

We grabbed some churros and sipped on some mulled wine and then headed off to lunch. The market is in the Jack Poole Plaza which is close to the Cactus Club. We grabbed some lunch there and since it was past 12 and it was five o'clock somewhere we had drinks. The Late Harvest Daquiri has become my favourite of the season. It has super yummy elderflower notes that balance the sweetness.

View from our seat at lunch

Overall the market was expensive, but the items were unique. I would recommend the mulled wine and the churros as they were super yummy. Take your time and walk through more than once. You need to see things a couple of times to justify buying them ;) 

Happy Tuesday

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Bark

For some of you, the holiday baking has already begun. From pastries to cookies it can get to be a bit overwhelming. I usually stick to one tray of shortbread, but the last year I decided to switch it up. I found a recipe in an old family box for some super simple holiday chocolate bark and decided to give it a spin. It's super easy and way harder to screw up than shortbread and for those (like me) who are not the most baking inclined it relatively foolproof. This bark is perfect for parties, and you can cut it as small or large as you want.

Unfortunately, my grandmother was a very visually inclined woman which means recipe amounts were not written down. Just merely recorded as a dash or a splash which makes things a little challenging.  The measuring part of this recipe can get a bit dodgy, so I will try and give you approximate estimates but feel free to tweak it as you see fit. 

1. 4 cups of white chocolate buttons 
       I usually buy mine in the bulk section of Safeway or SaveOn they are typically called chocolate buttons.stive 

2. 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil (you might use less or more this is a personal preference so feel free to taste it as you go) Add this in gradually and to taste you don't want to overpower your chocolate

3. Candy Canes 

1. Place candy canes in a bag and cush them down until they are fine.

2. Put a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Place a safe heat bowl on top and put the whole chocolate in. Melt it until it is smooth. Make sure you stur very frequtlly as chocolate burns easily. This process is called melting by using a double boiler

3. When the chocolate is melted, remove it from the heat. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes

4. Mix in the peppermint oil. Use a clean spoon to taste as you gradually add the peppermint.  DO NOT DUNK YOU FINGER IN. The chocolate is still very hot, and it will burn you. Make sure you add the peppermint little bits at a time. I if you do much it will overpower it. 

5. Pour the white chocolate onto a parchment lined baking sheet 

6. Sprinkle on the candy canes. I find this easiest to do with a fork.

7. Place it in the fridge to harden and set. Once your bark is completely firm( i wait at least 3 hours), break it into small chunks and put into airtight containers. 

8. Store in the freezer until you are ready to serve 

Hope you enjoy! 
Also here is the recipe for my other Christmas Bark

Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Weekly Update !

Exams !!!! AHHH and papers. These two unfortunate requirements for obtaining a bachelors degree are causing me significant stress lately. This week has been full of writing and cramming as well as some fun in between!
Monday was spent working! Then exploring winners where I got a super cute fur throw for my bed! Stay tuned a home improvement hall is coming soon!
Tuesday Wednesday and today where spent writing. All day and night. The only negative thing about being a history major is the sheer amount of writing you have to do. 

Weekend plans:  More studying and crazy fun with friends! 
Heading out to a football game! Its the finals for my friend's brothers team so we are going ready to cheer our lungs off
Possible choices baking being done this weekend as well. Stay tuned for a blog post.

Things I'm loving this week 
1. This lavender oil: it smells so good and is ultra relaxing 
2. This Lush Bathbomb: no other words but pure heaven. Super sweet to slip this into your bath.
3. Starbucks dark roast coffee!

Songs on repeat
1. Something to Believe in by King Creosote
2. Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran 
3. The South by The Cadilac Three

New thing to try
1. Heard about the Vancouver German Christmas market! Hopefully going to head down soon to check it out!
2. New Westminster heritage homes tour!

Quote of the week
the problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem - Captian Jack Sparrow


Friday, 24 November 2017

Best Black Friday Sales 2017

The countdown to Christmas is on!! I am so excited to get all my shopping done and wrap up all of the gifts. However, I get even more excited when I am able to score gifts at great prices for my friends and family. Sometimes there is a bit of sneaky shopping wrapped in there for me too! The deals are just so great. I have found some of the best deals online and have given you great examples as to how great there sales are. Hope you enjoy!

Gap: 60% off
Madewell: 25% off
J.Crew: 40% off
LL.Bean: 25% off
KJP: 25% off

Check out my gift guide!
Also, check out this super awesome Christmas bark


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Super Easy Christmas Crunch Bark !

One of the best things about Christmas is the sweats that go along with the holiday. I was at a friends cabin celebrating the new year last year and the Christmas goodies were starting to come out. This yummy Christmas crunch treat stuck out. Supper yummy a not too sweet it is so addictive 
1lb of white cholate 
1tsp of oil 
1/4 cup of craisins
4 cups of Golden Grahams 

Melt the chocolate and the oil together on a low heat. Add the craisins and the cereal. Pour the mixture into a parchment-lined baking sheet. Freeze overnight and then break it apart!

This bark is super yummy and super easy to make. You will be a hit at Christmas bake sales and holiday parties.

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Happy Saturday party people! The Holiday season is just around the corner and with that comes the stress of buying gifts. I have combed the internet looking for some of the nicest gifts for you to give to your girlfriend sister, wife, cousins or maybe yourself (Treat yourself!! I shop from holiday guides lol) I have included some gifts at each price point to give you what I think is a complete holiday shopping list. Happy shopping!

Madewell Rivka Heel// Smashbox Warm Red// Gap Marl Beanie// Concerto Fresh Water Pearls// J.Crew Lodge Coat// Tory Burch Leather Tassel Cross Body// J.Crew Relaxed Top Coat// J.Crew Tartan Scarf// J.Crew Leather Tech Gloves// Madewell Juliette Oxford// Zara Biker Jacket// Lord and Taylor Wrap Scarf// Soul Society Vixen Bootie

 Ps if your looking for more gift guide inspiration check out this one from Covering the Bases and this one from Classy Girls Wear Pearls 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

19 Songs For Fall

Galway Girl 
Round Here Buzz 
Tennessee Whiskey 
Run Around Sue
Home Grown
The South
Fix A Drink
Good Bye Yellow Brick Road
Bennie And The Jets
Philadelphia Freedom
I Fall Apart
Afire Love 

I have been loving these tunes lately 
Whether it's jamming out doing homework or walking to school a good song is always on my favourites list 


Saturday, 11 November 2017

3 Places To Buy Sweaters This Winter

This super cute store carries trendy sweaters that are extremely warm. Great colour variety and cheaper prices make it a score in my books. The sweaters seem to last as well (as long as you follow washing instructions) I will often load up on newer sweaters from here at the beginning of the season and they keep me warm all winter! They have a huge selection of styles and quality ranges making them ideal for a mass amount of people. This cute grey one is super soft and comfy. The oversized like look makes it super on trend. This cosy cashmere one is super funky with the tie sleeves!

This store is my holy grail during the winter. Their sweaters are warm and washable and last for years. I have at least 10 sweaters from here and they have never done me wrong. The gap also has frequent sales (which is always a plus in my book) you can often get their products for 30-40% off. This longer sweater will keep you plenty warm during this cold dyas. And this red cable knit is a great spin on the classic jumper.

If you're looking for sweaters that will stay in your closet for years this is the place to go. The quality of these sweaters is amazing. But you pay for that quality. It is worth it for me, I am a colder person and I rely on sweaters to remain unfrozen in the Vancouver temperatures. The wool they use is top notch, just make sure to follow the washing directions. I have had several sweaters from there last me easy 5 years. Wath for burst sales as they often have weekend deals. This grey sweater is super classic and will fit nicely into almost any outfit. 

Hope this helped you out!
Ps if your looking for further fall inso check out this post !

Friday, 13 October 2017

5 College Study Tips

Midterms are coming and finals may feel like months away but they are really around the corner. Herer are some awesome tips to help you stay focused and study better and improve your grades!

1.  Put your Phone in Another Room 
Often times I will pick up my phone to distract myself from studying. I learned that I need to physically turn my phone on airplane mode in the other room. This takes away the distraction and helps me get as much done as possible. Also when your phone is on airplane mode your text messages don't get delivered. It's a nice change not to have your phone ringing all the time   

2. Start Early 
As soon as you get home from school start your homework. When you start early you are done much quicker and you have more of a clearer head than if you had started at 7 at night. Once you start procrastinating in the evening it will kill your drive. Just sit down and start 

3. No Music 
I always said I studied better with music on, that it helped me relax and focus. What I really was doing was tricking myself into thinking this. I would reach for my phone to change the song or turn the volume up or down, this was distracting me even if I did not like to think it was. The quiet works wonders for your concentration 

4. Remove Yourself 
Now if you live in a dorm this will be a big thing for you, I cannot study in my room. I get distracted by all the things I need to do. Laundry needs to be put away and I still haven't organized those books yet. Just get out. This is especially true in a dorm room. Often time I will wander into another room to study or move location completely and go sit in Starbucks or the library.

5. Switch Location
Often times I feel as though I am more motivated when I go somewhere to study. It must have something to do with the fact that you left your place so you could do work that puts some fire under our bums but it totally works. when I have a big assignment due I will usually go sit in Starbucks and work there. The great coffee and comfy seats are the cat's meow.


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Healthy Tomato Bruschetta !

As the years have gone by and especially as I have gone to college I found myself eating quick things, stuff that is not that great for me. I learned a valuable lesson, quick and easy is not always rewarding in the long term. So I began to try and teach myself new eating habits. This yummy recipe is so delish and fulfilling but is still really great for you!

- 2 tomatoes (plum or Roma)
- 1/2 tablespoon of dried basil flakes
- 1 clove of minced garlic
- three slices of cheese (i use mozzarella but you can experiment)
- Wassa crackers (I use the whole grain ones but feel free to branch)
- Salt and pepper to taste
- 1 teaspoon of oil

1. start by cutting your tomatoes into chunks. This makes them easier to break down
2. while the tomatoes are on the cutting board add basil, garlic and salt and pepper
3. warm frying pan and add oil
4. add tomato mixture and cook it on a low heat until it reduces... no more chunks
5. grab a pan and put two Wassa crackers in add cheese evenly to both crackers
6. when tomato mixture is done lay it on top of the cheese and crackers and put it into the oven to broil
7. broil until the crackers start to take colour and the cheese melts
8. take out and enjoy!

Hope you like it !


Friday, 6 October 2017

4 Cool Ideas To Do With Kids This Fall

Whether you're a babysitter or a parent the weather forcing children inside for the fall is a common problem. Personally, I do a lot of babysitting, it helps pay for university and pulls me out of the books for a few hours. But when summer ends the weathers turns ugly I am at a loss at what to do with three kids for four hours. Here are four fall crafts that will get you guys busy and active.

1. Pumpkin Carving
This is great especially for younger ones, you may have to handle the knife and the actual carving bit but they can draw on their designs and dig out the pumpkin guts. Maximum entertainment for the little ones. Just make sure you lay down newspapers and clean up really well.

If you feel like being really creative then after the pumpkins have been gutted you can roast the seeds for a snack for the little kids! Just make sure you handle all the cooking and check for allergies. I usually make them drag over a chair and then they stand and watch. I like this recipe it tastes really good!

2. Photo Shoot
This next idea relies heavily on it not being rainy. Take the kids outside and get them to throw leaves around. Take their picture and you have a little fall photo shoot going on. Try and get them to spin, jump and laugh as those make the best picture. Just make sure that if you are not the parent that you ask them for permission to do so. I usually take picture of all my little babysitting minions and send them as updates to the parents throught the day

3. Scarp book
Grab a cheap photo album and some cool leaves from outside and you will be well on your way to an afternoon of entertainment. If you decide to do the fall photo shoot some of those pictures would look really cool in the album. I usually grab some leaves and write out what the kids are thankful for! It adds a super nice touch.

4. Apple cider
This is really easy if you just want something really simple to do with them! Plus a tasty treat for later. Apple cider makes the whole house smell amazing and gives kids tons to do. Ask them to help you measure out the ingredients and feed them apples while you prepare(get that fruit in) Its tons of fun for all ages. I like this recipe it's super simple !

I am sure there are many things you can do with kids during the fall but these are some easy and cheap ways to keep them occupird. You will be the favourite parent or the best babysitter in the world after these crafts.


Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Tips for Commuter Students

Commuting in Vancouver can be rough... its rough anywhere really. For those of us who live close enough to our respective colleges to not justify staying on campus, it can be an even longer trip. It takes me 2 buses and a train to get to school (which as horrifying as it sounds only works out to be about an hour and ten minutes.) and sometimes I feel like that is wasted study time. Here are some tips to help you maximize the time spent on transit

1. Do your reading
If your class requires you to read a textbook for homework do that on the train. It will kill the dead hours and allow you to get work done while still being productive. It also does not feel like you are doing homework as you are doing something else productive at the same time.

2. Cue Cards
I made cue cards for all of my classes and I carry them in bulldog clips around with me if I need to study. It is remarkably easy to pull them out and do some quick revision on your way to or from school. Here are some of the cue cards I use to study with !

3. Downtime
Sometimes I need to recharge and rest my brain between school and home. At home, I am tasked with the daily mountain of homework that awaits most college students and so often times I will use the train as a bit of a brain break. Relaxing and people watching so I can recharge and start my homework as soon as I get home.

4. Plan
Most time I will whip out my agenda and try and figure out what I need to do with the rest of my day allowing me to plan accordingly and remain organized.

5. Notes
I try and review my notes that I have taken during lectures that day. It allows me to maintain and retain information as well as be better equipped for the next class. However, if you take notes on your laptop this will not work. A notebook is much easier to review with and allows you to keep high-value things in your bag and away from prying eyes.allows your to keep high value things in your bag and away from prying eyes.

For other university woes check out my post on how to be sick in university as well as my post on some essentials that you may need to complete your spot secondary education.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Fall Clothing Essentials

My favourite time of the year is here! Fall has arrived in Vancouver and I am enjoying every minute of it. The colours and warm feelings make me grateful for the change of seasons. In honour of the most awesome time of year (second only to Christmas) I have compiled a list of items that I have seen in my online shopping adventures that I think would be good investments this fall. Enjoy!

On the west coast it starts getting wool coat cold around October, this means everyone is running to the Bay to get some awesome deals. It also means that you could have the same coat as at least three people in your class. Through my travels, I have drummed up some nice ones that based on reviews and my excellent Canadian judgment seem like a good investment. 

This J.crew Trench Coat is a classic and always good for the mixed weather of autumn. Especially in rainy climates, it allows you to stay dry but still stylish. I have a friend who bought this coat this year and every time she wears it she gets tons of compliments
Wool Parka Coats are still styling without leaving you to the cold. Look for one with a hood as it will protect you from rain as well as your ears from the cold. This one from J.crew is really nice and seems to have really positive reviews. (plus tons of cute colours and size ranges)

Military chic seems to be really big this season. Coats inspired by this trend are a nice way to dress up your outfit and also keep you warm. This one from Ralph Lauren was in the Nordstrom every sale (and it also happens to be in my closet) and is super warm. A great investment as far as I am concerned.

Sweaters make up most of my winter wardrobe, to be honest. They are so easy to style and instantly class up your outfit. I especially like them during the school year when I may be a little more pressed for time in the morning. I can chuck one on with some jeans and boots and know that I look presentable and nice for class. Have a look at some cool ones I have run into during my online shopping travels

The turtleneck style allows for you to keep your neck warm but look chic at the same time. Turtlenecks look super cute tucked into a pair of jeans with a wool coat thrown over the top. Think HRH The Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) she rocks basic black turtlenecks like this one from Gap (which on sale at the time I am writing this) with a bright coat. If the Gap one is not to your liking H and M also offers a more oversized version. I would look super cute with some leggings and boots.

 A boatneck sweater is great if you're not one for a turtleneck but still want to rock some awesome knitwear.  This sweater from Zara is really cute. It plays into the oversized trend but still maintains a classy look.

Some cute blouses are really great for fall. On the days that it is too warm for a sweater I often find myself chucking on a blouse and a cardigan. This cute one from Old Navy is already in my closet, the embroidery and the rich navy mix well with the autumnal colours outside.

If you are looking for something a little dressier, this cute top I found on the Zara website should do the trick. tuck it into a skater skirt with some ballet flats or into a pair of jeans with cute booties and you will be set to jet.

Plaid shirts and fall go together like snow and Christmas. These ones from L.L.Bean are pretty famous and after a quick trip through the comments, I decided to purchase one myself!

I feel like it is a given, you can not do fall without boots. They are a staple in my closest, easy to wear yet chic and sophisticated. Sometimes finding the right pair can be a bit of a challenge. My all-time favourite pair are by L.L.Bean, the Westport boots are comfy and classic and you can walk for miles in them Some other cool bots that I have found on the internet this fall are these ones form Roots, these really trendy ones sold at Hudsons Bay and basically anything on the Frye website.

This post is meant as guide to help amp up and give you more options for your fall wardrobe. Hope you enjoyed!
- Emma-Lynn

If the fall cold hit you as hard as it hit me check out my post about beating your cold in university

Saturday, 16 September 2017

How to be Sick in University

The glorious days of fall have returned, bringing pumpkin spice lattes and riding boots but also the uninvited fall cold. Now when I was in high school it was no big deal, take a couple of days off.  It will be easy catch-up... not so much for university. Taking two days off in university can cost you marks and put you seriously behind. Here are some of my tips to help elevate the damage a cold or sickness can do to your marks 

1. sleep 
You need at least 8 hours of sleep a night normally when your sick try and increase that. Being sick is enough there is no need to add tiredness on top of that. Extra sleep might actually help you heal better as well

2. take a walk outside 
This can help clear your sinus and relax you. It's a good way to spend your study break.

3. do all your readings 
Do all your readings to the best of your ability and try and stick to a schedule. Maintaining structure is important and some professors often will not take sickness as an excuse for your homework not being done 

4. go to class 
I get participation marks just for going to class. Go in, put your two cents in and try to pay attention. Even if you are not feeling well often time your bain will focus and distract you from it 

5. email your professor
Professors are human and like us, they do get sick.  If you have an assignment due and you don't think it will be up to snuff email and explain. The worst they can say to you is no to an extension.

Check out my university essentials list to get all the things you need to conquer the academic world 

Monday, 12 June 2017

5 Best Basket Bags to Buy This Summer

Straw bags are all the rage lately, some say the trend is a nod to Jane Birkin and her infamous straw basket-purse! The trend has peaked this summer and I am really feeling the options that lots of different stores are providing. You can find them in all price ranges and most of them are available online which is great! This post will help y'all find the best ones out there based on reviews and looks! 

1.  Mia Woven Raffia Clutch 69.36
This clutch is a beautiful spin on the full wicker bag trend, something subtle you can add into your wardrobe if you are not sure about going all out wicker basket yet! It also comes in three colours which are great, it provides you with more options to help expand your wardrobe!  I could totally see this worn as a casual summer bag when you don't want to bring your full bag to the beach, or out to a wedding. I did a post on wedding outfits that you can check out! This bag would totally spice up any dress you are wearing!

2. Straw Market Tote by J Crew 
This bag is the bag of all bags, its classic tote design makes it easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. The bag is trimmed in leather and has a very defined patterns in the straw making it perfect to chuck on with jeans and a t-shirt or to take to the beach with you! This bag is simple, classic and easy to style!

3. Jola Toucan Basket Tote
This tote is absolutely darling, the plain wicker with a pop of colour makes it easy to style while still looking fun and summery!  The handles on the tote are a bit longer than most totes which makes it great for the tall girls of the world! I don't know about you but I can't stand a tote bag that chokes my armpits, it drives me crazy!  Word of caution with this one though, it is unlined and that can pose a problem if you are stuffing small things into it like earrings or rings so make sure to keep them contained and slip free

4. Birkin Basket
Get your JaneBirkinn on! Holy Moley is this beautiful bag. This basket is a super fun look alike of the one that Jane Birkin used to wear making it uber popular this season. It is handmade in Portugal which ads a nice touch to the basket, knowing I am supporting artisans always leaves me with a happy feeling! Act fast though this one is selling out!

5. Gaia's Ark
This bag is everywhere… I mean everywhere and its not hard to figure out why, it its so darn cute! This cage bag is perfect for the summer and allows you to stay styling when you are on the go. This bag can be dressed up or down to create a summery look that will transcend the seasons. One of my favourite blogs Covering The Basses featured this on an outfit and it was super chic and on trend while still looking classy and timeless 

These bags are super on trend and classy while being perfect for summer! Whether you have a small place in your heart for the ultimate fashion icon Jane Birkin or you just love the beachy but timeless looks these bags are great. They take you easily from day to night and  beach to drinks with the girls. This is just a small sampling of the selection that is out there right now, they are available at every price point and in lots of different styles for girls with all kinds of styles, everyone can work these into their wardrobes! 


Friday, 9 June 2017

5 Items that are Essential for University

1. Laptop
I was hesitant to spend a lot of money on a laptop the summer before university, I was unsure how much I would actually use it being that I always take notes with a pen and paper. However I am so glad I decided to get a Mac, I do not take notes on it however it comes to class with me every day. I do everything on it,  from downloading readings to checking my social medias and emailing profs. Having the ability to write and have access to a big screen on the regular is extremely practical. 

Although laptops are fun here a couple words of wisdom that I have collected with my stumbles in the technological world 

- do not buy something you are unfamiliar with it is a bad idea and as much as you think you will learn quickly it doesn't happen, and then your are stuck googling how to do things so you can complete your assignments… rookie mistake made by me 

- Take all the insurance you can because you never know, life is unpredictable and so are computers. Make sure that you have Apple care or the geek squad or something to give you a helping hand when it comes to damages and repairs, you will be so thankful and so will your wallet.

2. Umbrella
This one isn't too complicated, carry an umbrella in your bag… EVERYWHERE. The reason being is that if it rains it's not just you getting wet, it's your bag, with all your notes and your laptop. You can dance in the rain another time, not with university things.

3. Tylenol 
In my first semester, I think I lived on an average of 26 sleep a week… and while that number seems great calculate how much sleep you actually need and well you gotta problem. This problem leads to big headaches and tired eyes, it is horrible and tiring and Tylenol will be your saviour. A black coffee and a Tylenol will keep you going just remember not too often or more than once a day. (also not a medical professional just a tired history student please consult medical professional)

4. A good pen 
 This seems redundant… it is not redundant it is a holy grail item. Go to your Walmart and find a bunch of pens to try out, find one that works for you, that you love. You do not need to be worrying about anything accept your writing and your school work, nobody needs a pen that is uncomfortable for long periods of writing or that has a disrupted ink stream that drives you nuts, you need complete focus, not frustration.  A pen can save you or kill you it's your choice.

5. Agenda 
I was so excited to get into university that I got an agenda right away… and I have used the absolute crap outta it. It looks beat up and worn but it is my life line. You need to be organised and concise, but you also need to look to the future. Get an agenda and write in it every day, look at your agenda before you look at your phone. Tip... buy one that makes you happy and makes you want to write in it, go for the fancy pages if you think you will use it more.

6. Good walking shoes 
I didn't anticipate the amount of walking that was involved with university, this might also have to do with the fact that I am a commuter and transit but my goodness did my feet hurt. It took me about 4 weeks to discover that my little thin ballet flats and high-heeled booties were stylish but not practical. So as the fall rolled through I ditched the flats for converse, and Chelsea boots! My feet were singing my praises and I was so much more comfortable … I mean who cares how good you look if you can't make it to your intro to Canadian history course because your feet are giving out at the bus stop. Blisters ain't cute and neither are hurting feet. 

This list was written after months of trial and error to find what worked for me and my life, something that works for me may not always work for you. Make sure you find your groove and find you happy place and the things that make you comfortable and you will be just fine.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How to get Beachy Waves in in 4 Easy Steps

I am a lover of all things found at the beach… the sun the sand and most importantly the ocean waters effect on my hair. When I first went to the beach and noticed a difference in my hair I tried desperately to recreate it with just gels and sprays… However, as I soon discovered I was missing the salt element which really helps make your hair wild and beachy. I discovered sea salt spray and while it had great effects it got expensive very quickly and that's when I decided to try making it myself. After some late nights, tangled hair and frustrated googling I have finally figured out the perfect proportions for my hair. If your hair is thin cut down the gel by half of a tablespoon! This will allow for your hair to maintain the flow and movement that is so enviable these days. This will also help you to beat the crunch that gels sometimes provide, and while sometimes a gel can do wonders I have quickly come up with the phrase “crunch ain't cute”. So here it is, enjoys my amazingly simple and cheap sea salt spray

  • You can use any type you want but I prefer sea salt! I grabbed mine from Cosco it really does a good job and doesn't leave your hair feeling funny like regular salt will. Plus it comes with the added bonus of having sea salt on hand for all of your baking and cooking needs. It doesn't break the bank either, which is always a score in my book!
Hot water
  • Your gonna want this water to be pretty warm in order to dissolve the salt. I found that if I used cold I would get chunks of gel and undissolved salt. Having hot water is probably the most important part of this recipe 
Hair Gel
  • Now, I use one specifically designed for curly hair this helps the hairstyle stay in place and provides a little bit of weight so your hair isn't too voluminous. However as has been mentioned in the past be careful with your proportions Do not be afraid to mess with the amount if you have fine hair or thick hair.  
Spray Bottle 
  • A spray bottle will help you evenly distribute the liquid instead of just putting it on in clumps, I got mine at Sallys Beauty Supply for $2 


  1. Place 2 tablespoons of hair gel and 3 tablespoons of salt into your container 
  2. Fill the bottle up with warm water, though it is wise to leave a little room to allow for the water to move around when you are shaking it!
  3. Shake your bottle until the products are dissolved. This step is extremely important! If you have any doubts at all about how dissolved the mixture is kept mixing, if you don't you could end up with clumpy or crunchy hair
  4. Spray this liquid gold into your damp hair and scrunch! Get ready to have those beautiful waves 

I hope you enjoy your new beach tousled hair! This is one of my favourites to make and it is much cheaper than the stuff you can find in stores. Howerver, if you are running short on time and cannot make this amazing spray yourself I will link some of the store brands I tried! 

1. This one by Bumble and Bumble is pretty great. It makes your hair beach tousled and curly without drying out your hair or adding crunch. However, I am not a particular fan of the smell
2.This Captain Blankenship sea salt spray is sulphate and paraben free! it's really great for drier hair types as the shimmer adds a bit of sheen to your hair. Use in moderation though it can get a little oily if you put too much on

Check out my other curly hair posts for more ideas! 

- Emma-Lynn