Tuesday, 20 December 2016

When You Just Can't Sleep

It happens to the best of us... you slip in between the sheets, rest your head on the heavenly pillow close your eyes and then.... nothing. You try counting sheep, breathing deeply, laying there with your eyes closed and you still remain locked out off dreamland. For me this usually happens when I am experiencing intense stress, things like projects, tests and deadlines dance through my head. There is nothing more frustrating than going to bed at 10pm expecting a lovely 8-hour rest and glancing at the clock at 1am and thinking about how you have to get up at 6. These are my tips and tricks to help stop the sleepless nights... I hope they help you achieve the great quality restful sleep that you need. Remember I am not a medical professional, if you feel like something is really wrong to discuss it with your doctor it's better to be safe than sorry.

1. Get Your Count On -  Get ready for bed and try and think about how excited you are to achieve that lovely rest that we all wish we got every night, make sure that you do not think about any potential stressors (exams, due dates, family dinners, friend situations) When your head hits the pillow lie in your usual position and begin to imagine your body relaxing, from the tips of your toes to the furrow between your brows it all becomes smooth relaxed. Then begin to count backwards from 100, time your breathing with your counting and hopefully you will get some success. The last number I see before I'm out is usually in the seventies, however, different people take different amounts of time, don't rush it sleep will come.

2. Imagine A Vacation- While I'm trying to fall asleep I like to imagine myself on the beach in Hawaii. I think of the colours of the water, the sand, what's in the water (more brightly coloured fish and lovely coral reefs than possible man-eating sharks, it takes away from the stress-free imagination experience) as well as how tan is going to be by the time I return to rainy British Columbia. And bam eventually you should be fading away on a lovely warm wave into dreamland.

3. Lavedar Oil- Sometimes your imagination just doesn't cut it, this happens to me all the time, maybe your just a little too stressed or upset. No worries there are optional methods that can be used to help with your sleeping. The first being lavender essential oil. You can pick it from any wellness store and some grocery stores carry it as well. Rub a tiny bit on your neck and wrists and the effect should soon sooth you to sleep. I defiantly recommend trying the brain tricks first but this will do the trick as well.

4. Sleepy Tea!- Sometimes a good cup of tea calms you right down and this tea does a rocking job! Traditional Medicinals tea called Nighty Night is an amazing alternative to lavender oil. Simply boil some water about 40 minutes before bed and put your tea bag in, let it steep for about 5-10 minutes and then get drinking. I find it works the best if I use it while I'm reading, however, do what's right for you. Try and avoid drinking it while looking over your to-do list, it kinda takes away from the relaxing experience and will make it harder for you to go to bed.

5. Turn Off Your Phone!- This probably the most amazing tip that I ever had the pleasure of learning. I would lay in bed scrolling through Pinterest and Facebook wondering why I wasn't getting sleepy. I learned that the exposure to the screen lessons the quality of the sleep you're are getting as well as lengthens the amount of time it takes you to get asleep. Now an hour before bed I plug my phone in the room next to mine and begin the process of shutting my brain and life down for a good nights rest!

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